Solar Tracker

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Grenetek offers new generation of solar tracking systems. Our innovative plug and play solar tracking system can be used with standard PV, concentrated PV and concentrated solar thermal systems (parabolic dish and parabolic trough). Our tracker can increase the power yield of standard PV solar panels by up to 45%. Our innovative dual and single axis trackers comes as a packaged unit where most components are pre-assembled, which makes installation easy and quick. Some salient features of our tracking systems are:

  • Easy and quick installation: Plug-n-play tracker that comes as pre-adjusted packaged units. Our tracker reduces the installation time by 50-75%. The installer has to make only two connections; first the unit is connected to the base support and then the collector is mounted on the unit. Furthermore, no special tools are required to install the unit.
  • Low-cost components: The majority of the components used in our system are low cost, standard products. This reduces the initial cost by 15% to 30%.
  • Ease of maintenance: Our tracker needs less maintenance due to the simple design and accessibility. Parts can be replaced with minimum labor time. Standard components are readily interchangeable. Our innovative tracker reduces the maintenance cost by 75%.
  • Scalable: Our product is equipped with our innovative load bearing mechanism which is not offered in any other solar tracking system. This novel load bearing mechanism carries up to 75% of the load and makes each model of our product suitable for a range of solar collector sizes and weights.
  • Simple Operating System: This smart system is self-calibrating and eliminates the need for computer guidance.
  • Lower power requirements: The load bearing mechanism carries the majority of the load resulting in low power requirements which can be delivered through a small PV panel. No further electrical connections will be needed to operate the tracker. This further reduces the installation time and costs and immediately supports off-grid applications.
  • Our tracker can handle variable loads and/or variable wind/snow conditions

Tracking Controller

Our high tech controller are suitable for PV and concentrated solar thermal systems. Our tracker offers several features that enhance the operational capabilities of a solar tracker. These features include,

  • Real time sun tracking
  • Accuracy within 1%
  • OLCD display
  • Easy to adjust
  • Optional low power requirements (12VDC) or (24VDC)
  • Internet connectivity
  • Wind sensing feature
  • Temperature sensing feature

Solar Thermal Systems

Thermal Receiver

Thermal receiver collects the concentrated solar energy and converts it into thermal energy. The overall performance of a concentrated solar thermal system is highly dependent on the conversion efficiency of the receiver. Grenetek offers a high-efficiency solar thermal receivers which can be used with parabolic-dish concentrated solar system for thermal applications and power generation.
Some key features of the novel receiver are:

  • High conversion efficiency up to 90%
  • Simple design
  • Low cost
  • Long life time

Thermal Storage

Thermal storage is crucial in any solar thermal system. The advantage of a thermal storage unit is to store solar energy collected during the day and utilize it during low/no light conditions and after sunset hours. In addition, it stabilizes the thermal output during the operating hours. Grenetek offers an innovative storage device to store thermal energy from direct concentrated sunlight. Our solar thermal storage system uses phase-change materials as the heat storage medium that provides high heat storage efficiency. Our solar thermal storage system can be used for both solar thermal and solar power generation systems.

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