Grenetek Inc.

Offering innovative solutions to meet the energy needs in an efficient and cleaner way. Grenetek has developed novel technologies for renewable energy systems that can be used with concentrated solar thermal, photovoltaic solar systems (PV) and concentrated PV systems.

Dual and Single Axis Solar Tracker

Grenetek offers new generation of solar tracking systems. Our innovative plug and play solar tracking system can be used with Solar PV and Concentrated solar thermal systems… read more

Tracking Controllers

Our high tech controller are suitable for PV and concentrated solar thermal systems.
Our tracker offers several features that… read more

Concentrated Solar Thermal Systems

Solar Thermal Receiver

Grenetek offers a high-efficiency solar thermal receivers which can be used with parabolic-dish concentrated solar systems for thermal applications and power generation… read more

Solar Thermal Storage

Grenetek offers an innovative storage device to store thermal energy from direct concentrated sunlight. Our solar thermal storage system uses phase-change materials… read more

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